Baby Bendall is due June 10th, 2009!

pregnancy due date

Septmeber 24th: Apointment with off-post OBGYN about fertility problems.
Negative pregnancy test. Appointment made with a fertility specialist.

September 28th : Two home pregnancy tests…. POSITIVE X 2!

September 29th: Blood test at BAMC… POSITIVE! (Only 3 weeks pregnant)

October 6th: Appointment with a fertility specialist…won’t be needing to meet with him anymore! Appointment Cancelled.

October 16th: 6-8 week appointment 1:00pm. OBGYN orientation with prentatal blood work. No exam performed. (6 weeks and 1 day)

November 4th: Getting over a bad stomach virus. Went to doctor for breathing troubles. Heard wheezing in left lung. Told to start back taking all of my asthma and allergy medication.  All prenatal blood work came back with no problems! (9 weeks)

November 12th: 10-12 week appointment 1:00pm. (10 weeks) We were pleasantly suprised when the Dr. did an ultrasound instead of a doppler. The baby was moving everywhere, flipping and turning and moving it’s little arms!