11 Weeks

I have been feeling much better this week! I am breathing better, resting better, and eating better! I am a little worried because i have lost about 17 pounds since i have been pregnant… and i have not had any vomiting. I am hoping its just because i have been sleeping so much. I have been doing most of my Christmas shopping online so i dont have to deal with crowds that stress me out. It has been really pleasant. Still craving GREEK FOOD!


10 weeks

Its been a tough week! My allergies have been terrible this week and i have had a rough time with my asthma and breathing, and shortness of breath. We got to see the baby this week! It was so cute. Its heart looked great and it was moving and rolling everywhere! I am so glad Andy was there to see that. Just craved greek food this week…YUMM!

9th Week

At the beginning of this week i was still getting over my stomach virus and at the end of this week i am suffering from seasonal allergies! Im tired and have not really been resting well. This week we gave one of the dogs away to my grandpa which has been a huge stress reliever for me! Not too many cravings this week besides for BBQ chicken and Lucky Charms.

First Ultrasound Pictures @ 10 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

8th week of Pregnancy

How has this week been? Well,this week has been tiring! I have not been sleeping well at night or napping during the day. This week i took my second yoga class and i really enjoyed it, i must say it was much easier than the first one! This week i craved french toast, turkey and pickle sandwiches, sprite, gatorade, and fish and chips! Oh, and i woke up at 3:00 in the morning desperate for P.F. Changs lettuce wraps! WOW! I have not yet experienced any vomiting ( i am so thankful for that) and my nausea seems to be slowly getting better!  Scratch that! Andy and i both got some kind of stomach bug and we were both really sick, vomiting and all… hopefully thats the only time.

Baby Bendall is due June 10th, 2009!

pregnancy due date

Septmeber 24th: Apointment with off-post OBGYN about fertility problems.
Negative pregnancy test. Appointment made with a fertility specialist.

September 28th : Two home pregnancy tests…. POSITIVE X 2!

September 29th: Blood test at BAMC… POSITIVE! (Only 3 weeks pregnant)

October 6th: Appointment with a fertility specialist…won’t be needing to meet with him anymore! Appointment Cancelled.

October 16th: 6-8 week appointment 1:00pm. OBGYN orientation with prentatal blood work. No exam performed. (6 weeks and 1 day)

November 4th: Getting over a bad stomach virus. Went to doctor for breathing troubles. Heard wheezing in left lung. Told to start back taking all of my asthma and allergy medication.  All prenatal blood work came back with no problems! (9 weeks)

November 12th: 10-12 week appointment 1:00pm. (10 weeks) We were pleasantly suprised when the Dr. did an ultrasound instead of a doppler. The baby was moving everywhere, flipping and turning and moving it’s little arms!